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2024-01Initial phase II clinical study of APC201 in Australia
2023-12Andros Pharmaceuticals passed TFDA follow-up inspection of PICS/GMP
2023-12APC101 for the indication above the neck has sent to TFDA for Phase II clinical trials application
2023-12Finished phase I clinical study of APC201 in Australia
2023-11The total paid-in capital was increased to 448 million NTD After the eighth round of cash capital increase
2023-06Received Australia Bellberry Human Research Ethics Committee and TGA approval of Phase I/II clinical trials of APC201
2023-01The company has been listed on the Emerging Stock Board (ESB) of the Taipei Exchange on January 12, 2023
2022-08The company has been approved for public issuance of shares and the stock symbol is「6917」
2022-07Complete the seventh round financing July 2022. The capital increased to NTD 348M
2022-07APC201 sent to Australia and Taiwan for planned to enter Phase I/II clinical trials
2022-02Complete the sixth round financing in February 2022. The capital increased to NTD 284 M
2021-03LALP cream officially entered the hospital system for sales
2021-02Andros Pharmaceuticals passed TFDA follow-up inspection of GMP.
2020-11" Development of Topical New Dosage Form of Local Anesthetic Complex" project has received R&D subsidies from the Ministry of Ec
2020-10Signed a licensing cooperation contract of LALP cream with Hong Kong Pharmaceuticals to develop the local anesthetics market in
2020-03APC101 completed the phase IIa clinical trial report in Australia.
2018-10President Ae-June Wang received the Excellence in Management Award at the 7th Woman Elite Entrepreneurs Competition.
2018-06Andros Pharmaceuticals received Taiwan FDA licenses for 2% and 5% iMinos Solution (site change)
2018-02Andros Pharmaceuticals passed TFDA audit inspection of GMP and GDP.
2017-04Andros Pharmaceuticals received Taiwan FDA license for LALP Cream (site change)
2016-12Andros Pharmaceuticals received innovative product award from Hsinchu Science Park on December 2016
2016-10Andros Pharmaceuticals won the excellent execution award of SBIR program on October 2016
2016-10The Commercial Times reported Andros won the award of SBIR program
2016-03Andros Pharmaceuticals got the certificate of PIC/S GMP for adding liquid dosage form.
2015-09Andros Pharmaceuticals got the certificate of PIC/S GMP.
2015-03Complete the fifth round financing in March 2015. The capital increased to NTD 243M.
2015-02Complete the forth round financing in February 2015. The capital increased to NTD 213M.
2014-07"The preclinical study of the topical anesthetic new dosage form" project has received the SBIR grant from MOEA.
2014-05"The subsequent project of topical delivery system development" received R&D subsidy from Taipei city government.
2014-02The Commercial Times reported the recent development of Andros Pharmaceuticals and praised our performance.
2013-12Andros Pharmaceuticals is recognized by Ministry of Economic Affairs as a “Biotech and New Pharmaceuticals Company”.
2013-07Complete the third round financing in July 2013. The capital increased to NTD 150M.
2013-06The newest job opportunities are available now
2013-02"The development of topical delivery system" project received research and development subsidy from Taipei city government.
2013-01The Commercial Times reported Andros Pharmaceuticals entered Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park.
2013-01Andros Pharmaceuticals has relocated to Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park on 2nd Jan, 2013.
2012-10Complete the second round of financing in October 2012. The capital increased to NTD 100M.
2011-06Received NTD 12M of SBIR grant from MOEA for the development of “topical anesthetic new dosage form” project.
2011-05Opening of the Hsinchu biomedical science park research building attended by President Ma Ying-Jeou.
2010-11Approved by Hsinchu biomedical science park for relocation in late-2012.