Andros Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Gene Delivery System (Injectable)

Andros Pharma’s gene delivery platform allows novel non-viral carriers to effectively deliver gene therapy candidates such as siRNA, anti-sense oligonucleotide and DNA to the target. The theory exploits ligands with tumor cell targeting abilities such as T-ligand, O-ligand, and A-ligand. By combining a ligand with a well-developed formulation, this novel delivery system can selectively target receptors over-expressed on certain cancer cells, such as lung, head & neck, and breast cancers, and enhance the delivery efficiency via receptor mediated endocytosis.
The newly developed non-viral gene carrier has an encapsulation efficiency of nearly 100% and a particle size of approximately 80 nm. This carrier exhibits not only specificity, low toxicity, serum stability, and pH sensitivity, but also can be programmed to release genetic material within cell. The T-ligand carrier system differs from other systems in the ability of double targeting, i.e. to the cell membrane and the nucleus, further enhancing delivery efficiency.
To date, Andros Pharma has filed for 10 patent applications, including in Taiwan, US, Europe, Japan and China of the mentioned gene delivery systems, and 9 of those have been granted.