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Andros Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (Andros) is a bio/pharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative drug delivery systems. Using lipid-based technology as platform, the company is currently developing microencapsulated drugs for topical delivery and non-viral gene delivery systems. The business strategy of Andros is to bring together patented drug delivery technologies with a team of experienced scientists to create competitive new dosage forms. In addition, Andros is advancing high-end cosmetic ingredients by pharmaceutical level encapsulation technologies to create profits for the company.
Andros was established on July of 2008 and located in the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) incubation center. ITRI is the largest applied science institution with advanced resources/equipments and a vigorous research atmosphere that nurtured Andros since its establishment. For future prospects and long term management, the company has relocated to the Hsinchu biomedical science park in 2013 where there will be increased employment opportunities as well as the establishment of a pilot plant that meets PIC/S GMP regulations for the scale up of new dosage forms. The plant will produce samples needed for clinical trials and will shorten product development time in order to achieve earlier market presence globally.
The business objective at Andros is to develop technologies and products that will benefit the consumers and bring happiness and joy to users. Besides the treatment of diseases, an overall improvement in quality of life to achieve a healthy well being and confidence is our main goal. Innovation and quality are the continuing prospects for Andros. The Chinese characters for Andros represents the Chinese saying of where there is a will, there is a way as well as high standards and state of mind. We hope that our products, with the finest technologies, will overcome existing difficulties and achieve a comparable standard. Our goal is to become a platform-based drug delivery company with global presence within 10 years.
The area of drug delivery system is a small yet attractive industry. The development of a new drug requires large funding as well as over 12 years of research of development. New dosage forms usually require approximately 5-7 years and costs 1/10 of the development for new drugs but the profits earned are approximately 1/3 of that of new drugs . In contrast to generic drugs, new dosage forms have high requirements, such as patent protected technologies and clinical trials, and thus are more competitive on the market and therefore suits the local industry in Taiwan. In recent years, our government has been advancing the biomedical industry and new dosage form is one of the directions. Currently there are only a few new dosage form-focused companies in Taiwan and the establishment of Andros sets the bar for the future of new dosage form industry in Taiwan.